Usage of drones with camera in music and video production

With a huge boost in popularity during the course of this year, drones have stepped up to being one of the most important tech gadgets out there. DJI has set the scene nicely for other drone manufacturers and there’s no doubt that the drones industry will continue flourishing in the upcoming time. Some great things are happening in drones industry these days. I believe most of you guys will know that biggest drones drawback is short battery life. In 2016, many drones with long flight time were announced, and we expect that trend to be continued! Similar thing happened to smartphones after the release of the iconic original iPhone and just look at what that brought to the world. I am not saying that drones are going to replace smartphones… I mean, how could they, they don’t do the same things. But still, they could go ahead and replace traditional cameras and such equipment, especially when it comes to filmmaking and music videos.

Why are they becoming so popular in the filmmaking and music video production industries?

As you already might know, drones with camera are offering an amazing number of things in quite a small package. They are packed with a bunch of sensors, stabilization systems, top quality action cameras mounted on motorized (stability-enhancing) gimbals for maximum smoothness, all of which are making them proper aerial filming platforms. They provide with a unique type of aerial videos that are rather easy on the eye. Their ability to capture incredible sights and bird’s eye panorama views is something that many artists want in their repertoires. As you can conclude all by yourself, all of the things mentioned above provide a great number of uses for filmmakers. The most innovative of them have already started using these incredible new gadgets, while the rest of the lot is surely about to step in the drone game themselves. Of course, this will lead to more drone demands and result in better drones at even cheaper prices. In other words, this is just another reason why drones are the next big tech thing.

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