Top 3 drones for kids

dronesforkidsChildren have always been interested in toys,especially the flying ones ,so buying a drone for your kid will definetely put a smile on his face. Most important thing about drones for kids is their safety,so we will rang following drones firstly by safety and then by other factors.

3- DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator

Third on our list is UDI U842 Predator .It is one of the largest drones for kids at the market and it is not made for indoor flights ,but it will be perfect for outdoor flights in backyard,park and nature .It has 2.0 MP camera ,but most important is that UDI U842 Predator has 2 speed modes which are perfect for kids and begginers .You can choose between slow and fast speed mode for your kid which will allow him to learn how to control a drone without any dangerous of crashing it .Flight time is around 8 minutes and Predator range is 100 meters.


2- JXD 509G

jxd-509gJXD 509G has a futuristic design ,and it looks really cool in open air .It is made from plastic ,so you should not be afraid that your kid could hurt someone or crash it because it is not heavy and made from plastic so damage would be small .This drone has blade protectors so you can flight indoor and outdoor. Just like our previous drone ,range is about 100 meters and flight time is 8 minutes.


1- Hubsan X4

First place on our list of „Top 3 drones for kids“ is reserved for Hubsan X4 .It is small but beautifull drone which can flight indoor and outdoor without fear that it will be blow by wind.It has great design and controller with screen so you/your kid will get live feed .It is cheap drone so even if you break some part of it ,new one would not be hard and expensive to find . Hubsan X4 flights about 5 minutes and has flight range about 100 meters.