The only way you could explain not knowing about drones is if you’ve spent the last year living under a rock. They are a huge trend nowadays and have made their way onto the tech scene and into millions of homes worldwide with a breeze. They come in all shapes and sizes, accompanied by a wide variety of extra functions, many of which are quite unique. Whether you are a high school student, bachelor or just a teen looking for some extra fun on weekends, drone must looks so appealing to you… But how exactly have they become such a huge hit? Why are they so cool? Well, stick around till the end of this article and you might just find out! J

Endless fun

Of course, fun has to be on the top of this list. They captivate our minds and let us explore and see things from different perspective than we are so used to. They provide us with a unique controlling experience, much more sophisticated when compared to regular RC toys. They add that third dimension and are not like anything we have ever had the chance to play with. Sure, there were RC airplanes, helicopters and stuff like that, but they were either too expensive or had a really steep learning curve which blocked their way to success. When it comes to fun functions today’s drones possess, probably the most interesting one is FPV. First person view or more commonly referred to as FPV, represents drone’s ability to provide you with a live feed of the action straight from the “cockpit”. When you combine this function with your VR headset (Google Cardboard, Samsung VR and similar devices) you will end up with an amazingly immersive piloting experience that’s unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Aerial photography

Drones are not only fun little toys; they can also be used for shooting amazing aerial footage that will be on par with professional recordings. With this being said, many businesses such as real estate and amusement parks are opting for aerial platforms (read drones) to boost the quality of their services. For example, real estate businesses often use drones to make top quality aerial photographs of the properties they are selling, thus increasing their chances of landing customers. This is a proven strategy and can be used in many different scenarios. If you are a businessman, t’s up to you to find the optimal one!


Capture awesome moments

The final reason why drones are so cool is the fact that they can be used to capture awesome moments throughout your life. They are not only suited for business photography; they can be used for recording hobbies and important life moments as well. Most commonly, drones are used to capture extreme sports such as snow kiting, ski biking, wind suiting; creating awesome displays of bravery and skill combined with amazing footage from aerial perspective. All things considered, if you are into extreme sports you should definitely consider getting a drone to capture those awesome moments!

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